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Being chronically ill means part of you is not ill.
This website is about that part of being ill… the part of you that doesn't hurt or ache, that isn't less able or exhausted.
The part of you that tries to live life as it comes.
Your chronic illness may differ every day. Yet you are still you. You and me, we all cry, enjoy, party, laugh, hug.
Being long term ill doesn't change that.
We talk about the news, our jobs, our kids, our prides and worries. We are not a patient every hour of the day, yet we have our limitatons.
Sometimes your disease gets the better of you.
Then you feel it controls you. How to deal with those days?
People may even hurt you
Hurt you even with their ignorance, with well meant offered help, or by asking frightening questions.
But how should they know? I didn't know either before I got ill. Healthy people cannot easily comprehend all aspects of your life. Understand its limits or its capacities.
It is you who has to show them.
Yet I do not inform everybody that I meet; well, I simply cant. But I have to explain people how to deal with me. When do I like to be helped, when do I refuse help.
What if people ignore your disease or exaggerate it?
Tips and questions
I won't provide the answers, yet you may find tips or questions that might help you.
You may even wish to refer friends or family to a page to start communication on one of the topics.
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This website is my personal website.
Feel free to comment. (See guest book page.)
My best wishes and ill or not…….
I do hope you enjoy your life. Make it work!

Personal website
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